Experimenting with Point Clouds to better understand the Volumetric Capture techniques.

Shooting a scene from different angles with RGB and Infrared cameras and combining back the datas to get a Holographic capture of the action. 

Experimenting with consumer products to test different techniques.

The most convincing setup was using just Kinect and DSLR cameras.

Some pics from the backstage.

Synced and aligned Point Clouds where streaming realtime on two computers.

The next step was to combine RGB and Infrared datas in a realtime render engine, in this case Unity. 

The rough result was good enough to confirm that combining and cleaning the datas from multiple RGB and Infrared  cameras, it is possible to have a convincing Volumetric Capture of the action. 

At the time of this R&D project there were just few Volumetric Capture services around the world. After comparing some of them we decided to contact Microsoft. They developed a rock solid workflow based on the same technique, able to capture actions in a 5x5 meters area.

Thanks to the Microsoft technique, Factory42 and SkyVR where able to produce one of the most convincing Virtual Reality experience of 2017.

Hold the World with David Attenborough.

I followed the first steps of the project development as Lead Motion Designer, the final result is great!