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Designer, Director, Creative.

My name is Matteo Morando and I'm a Designer, Director and Creative based in London.

I currently work as Motion Director and Senior Designer at Sky Uk, in the Product Design and Development department.

Since 2006 I work in Motion and Experience Design.

I worked for MPC, Jellyfish PicturesSky UK, Sky Italy, YouviewTV, Escape Studios, BigRockProxima Milano, and many others.

I've done tons of Promos, Commercials, Channels ID and Marketing Campaigns.

Designed some of the Motion Principles driving the interfaces of SkyQ and YouviewTV, used by millions of customers every day.

Worked in R&D, exploring VR and MR applications in the entertainment industry.

Tutor 3D and Motion Graphic Design for two major Graphic Schools in Italy and UK .

I'm currently working on innovation, designing and prototyping motions and interactions for the products of tomorrow.

I'm a Designer a Creative and a Team Leader, skilled in people and projects management, with a strong technical background and a can do attitude.

I always like to work hands on projects, jumping from polygons to key frames and code lines :)

If you like to get in touch check the links at the bottom of the page!

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